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80 minutes of all over the place noise

V.I.K.I.- it dont mean a thing(if zombies aint got that swing)

Fuck, The Retarded Girl- If Even A Whisper Is Heard We Are Both Finished

RUBBISH- Deep Kansas, The Bender Family Secret

Eraritjaritjaka- If your world should fall apart

The Sleep Sessions- Hunting The Sun

Noise Band- Tampa Noise Fest

Ctephin- Eine Overture Remix

Andreas Brandal- insects

METEK vs John Mcurdy- It’s In Your Nature

Otolathe- Tampa Noise Fest

Kristin Calvarese

Screwtape- Nothing And You(will update link soon)


  1. Thank you for taking my track for the compilation. The idea behind what you do is great.

    Thumbs up!

  2. thanks too!
    and well, great idea

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