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Category Archives: discs

thirteen tracks(74min) of assorted noise, arranged ascending from shortest to longest, all free downloads, links working at time of posting.  artists, please leave comment for further info/reviews.  if you found one of these discs, please leave comment about where you found it and sound review, thanks

Atomçk- Invincible Phoenix Discharge

heavy/death-metal with screaming ogre vocals

Kanin Krusete- Shameless Inquiry

harsh noise

nxfxtxex- like heavy metal without the blue notes

theatrical vocal performance, weird noise

Fognozzle- Florida

dark ambient drone

Android in Motion- Codpiece

harsh industrial

RUBBISH- Forever Whitetrash

harsh noise

Federal Bureau of Mind Control- Glistening Skin


Maximum Headlessness- Paint it Black

tech-noise cover

Cementimental- Delightful Scientists Telephoning

weird noise, drone

Applecore- Hard Improvisation

semi-structured tech-noise

Scab Sand Witch- Temazcal

harsh noise

RUBBISH- Brain Supercharger

harsh noise